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  CometLeetn.jpg (2770 bytes)

Object: Lee
Photographer: NEKAAL Fapoint Observatory Director Gary Hug
Telescope used: 12" LX-200 @f/6.3
Camera: ST-7 ccd
Track and accumulate 20 x :30 sec integrations (ten minute total time.)
Taken early morning of August 24, 1999.
This comet should come closest to us near the end of September.


thumbnail photo: Hale-Bopp cometHale-Bopp, NEKAAL Farpoint Observatory Director Gary Hug

Hale Bopp photo by Bill Leifer

Object: Hale-Bopp
Camera: Pentax 35mm
Lens: 300mm telephoto
Exposure: appx. 3 m
Film: Kodak 100 ASA Color
Date: 2/13/97 appx. 5:20 a.m.
Photographer: Bill Leifer, Topeka, KS
Comments: First attempt at astrophotography!


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