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photo: Farpoint Observatory exterior

NEKAAL's Farpoint Observatory
Director: Gary Hug

The Farpoint Observatory provides NEKAAL members with a great tool for astronomy, including the discovery of new, often very faint, objects.  

Located about 30 miles southwest of Topeka, Kansas, NEKAAL's Farpoint Observatory is equipped with a 17.5 inch reflector, CCD (charge coupled device) cameras, computer equipment, a classroom for lectures, a mini-kitchen, and restroom facilities.

Photo: Farpoint Observatory telescopeFeaturing a 17.5 inch mirror manufactured by Coulter, the observatory's telescope can be used for both naked-eye observations and observations of extremely faint objects in the night sky (approximately 20th magnitude) using the CCD cameras. Solar observations will soon be possible with equipment currently on order. For vibration-free viewing, the telescope is secured at the base with large, concrete-filled drums isolated from the observatory floor.

Driving Directions to Reach Farpoint
Driving just west of Topeka on Interstate 70, watch for the Auburn Road exit. Go south on Auburn to the town of Auburn. In Auburn, turn west on Eighth Street. Continue west on Eighth about eight miles. The road will curve south. About one mile after the curve, you'll see a road leading west, with a sign saying that this is the road to Mission Valley High School and NEKAAL's Farpoint Observatory.

About 1.5 miles later, you'll be at Mission Valley High School. On the west side of the high school grounds, next to a large stone "Farpoint Observatory" sign, is a gravel road. This runs north, past the high school football field, to the observatory.

Farpoint's Director of Operations

photo: Gary Hug in Farpoint control room
Observatory director Gary Hug is seen here in Farpoint's control room, the McDonald Computer Center. Thanks to his tireless efforts, Farpoint reliably performs its duties for NEKAAL members. For the latest Farpoint information, check out Gary's Farpoint Observatory page.   E-mail may be sent to him at this address:  


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